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250gms Quality Ingredients

125gms Passion and Pleasure

2tspns Lovingly Handcrafted

1tbls Wholesome Gluten-Free & Gluten-Laden Flavours

115gms Melt-in-your Mouth Recipes

120mls Guaranteed to Impress your Guests (or yourself!)


Using locally sourced, quality ingredients, is how Baked by Kristie gets things preheated.  Mix a passion for pastry and baking with the pleasure of delighting busy food-lovers. Add in a splash of lovingly handcrafted precision to ensure the recipe is insatiable and the dessert is dressed-to-impress. Fold in a mix of luscious classic, and modern, flavours to suit any gluten-restricted palate. Bake until required. 

Once the tarts are carefully-made, package the melt-in-your-mouth morsels for an event that is definitely set-to-impress.

Time: Just an email or call away      Makes: We'll let you decide -  for you or your guests!

Let Baked by Kristie take the stress out of your next event
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